Under the Veiled Sky

This is for all the beautiful weman of the world.

Feeling Amazing

The poem zone

Maybe when the clouds

Crossed over the sky

It was because,

The universe didn’t want to looked at.

Didn’t want to be explored

And analyzed and naively


Maybe there are times

When the universe just

Wants to be alone.

Maybe just this one,

The universe & I had

Something in common.

Her head scarf were her clouds

Covering her face she walked

Hiding from starting eyes

For it’s solitude she preferred.

But a violent wind

Shocked her world

& Unveiled she was.

I’ve never seen eyes

That was this serene

& I wondered what

Made her hide

Just then our eyes crossed

And she read my

Diaphanous heart,

And we both live in

Solitude now

With each other

Under the Veiled Sky

And the universe

arranged for that.

_Niran† & Adi†hya.

In collaboration withhttp://Though for change

©The Rendezvous Club &

©The Poem zone

Hope you all enjoyed…

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